What is the mean of soul mate?

soul mate

soul mate is a person who you can attachment. On the surface, you seem to be out of place. In fact, you are cherishing each other. In Wikipedia, a soul mate is defined as "a person who feels a deep, natural affinity." However, the soul mate is a word in the academic world that is not precisely defined so far and full of romanticism. After some reading and discussion, we divided the content it contained into two parts

Spiritual bonding

  • This spiritual connection is reflected in the fact that you can really find a rare, highly similar to yourself in another individual. I have read a report saying that due to the similarities and coincidences in terms of genes, environment and experience, one can be sure that the natural tacit understanding and matching between people is significantly different. That is to say, there are people in the crowd who have more tacit understanding with us and are more likely to be connected.
  • While the soul mate has a tacit understanding of the spirit, it can also bring some deep inspiration and reflection to the other side - these inspirations often happen to each other, or are confused. And this also implies that the level of intelligence and cognition between soul mate is quite the same - you can stand on the same level of thinking and have the ability to fully understand each other's expression. In addition, "hobbies" is also a common sign among soul mate.
  • This spiritual connection is different from emotional connections. Emotional connection means that we can get emotional comfort and be happy with one person. Our emotional connection with a person does not necessarily mean that we have a spiritual connection with Ta. The spiritual connection is even more difficult to meet. This is also the reason why there is a common pain that people who are emotionally closest to themselves may be people who cannot understand themselves at all - our parents, partners, friends, and so on. We have to admit that the spiritual connection is not obtained through "effort".
  • The connection of love

  • If we are willing to call a person a "soul mate", we must have love. This kind of "love" includes "deep attachment", "extreme feelings" and "pure blessings". But it does not necessarily have the sexual desire in the romance of Romance (except if the two are also in the case of romantic relations). Similar to other intimate relationships, in our love for soul mate, there may be a certain degree of competition and possessiveness. We care about the other people around us, especially those who seem to be able to communicate with them. Because, as long as the other person occupies a position in his own world (especially such a special position), people will always want to get a matching position - people are ultimately eager for relatively equal feelings.
  • But at the same time, soul mate does not have the complexity of reality in the more common, life-like relationships. For example, if we regard a person as our soul mate, we will hardly consider the practical factors such as utilitarianism and human feelings. And this is actually very rare in most types of relationships. It is also because in the relationship with the soul mate, we rarely see the real life other than the one that echoes the spirit of the other, so we don’t have too much “disillusionment” with the soul mate. sense. When an emotion can be kept very simple, it often has its extreme sense. Soul mate is such a single but extreme feeling.
  • In addition, because of some similarity between each other, we have a feeling of "blessing" that has nothing to do with ourselves: although the happiness of Ta has nothing to do with me, because it has a soul similar to oneself, it will be more sincere. I hope that Ta will be happy. It should be noted that when people are talking about soul partners who do not have a standard definition, they may also be talking about a threshold range. In other words, different people will call different degrees of association "soul mate". This is also related to people's own social level. The more easily those who can easily reach a spiritual connection with others, the less likely they are to feel that they have met a soul mate.
  • What is the function of a soul mate?

  • In each of us, there is more or less an indescribable side. If it is not seen, we will fall into the loneliness and emptiness that is difficult to fill. This emptiness comes from the fact that we feel that we are not living as a complete "I", which is a discount on the sense of existence. And only when this part is seen and interacted, "existence" becomes alive - we feel the true self-existence. We really can't escape ourselves as a real and complete need for our own existence. In this sense, the soul mate is the one who sees each other's secret, unknown side. This can greatly alleviate our existential loneliness. In addition, a strong sense of another person's existence level may also bring a philosophical "ecstasy" experience, the euphoria of this experience is no less than sexual pleasure. In the soul mate's relationship, the "ecstasy" brought by this highly resonant spiritual feeling often appears, which is a happy and extravagant experience.