What can you talk about on a first dating?


Family and friends

  • When you first meet, you can talk about your brothers and sisters. Talk about siblings to get to know each other better and to liven up the dating scene. If you want to know her family, this can prove that you like her, so it is easier to win her trust. You can also talk to each other about your friends. You may not know each other's friends, but that's OK. The other partywould be happy to talk about her friends -- the details of their interactions, the time and place they met.
  • Childhood dreams and personal interests and hobbies.

  • Talk about your childhood dreams. It's a fun topic to talk about. However, you need to get the other person talking, and the happier she is, the better your relationship. Of course, it's also a good time to get to know each other's interests and hobbies, which is an important topic for the future and one that can easily lead to laughter. Like collecting stamps, singing or dancing? Like sports? Like music? Don't hesitate to ask these questions otherwise how will you know the interests and hobbies of both parties?
  • hometown customs, childhood funny things, favorite food

  • People whom love their hometown always give people reliable and steady feelings.In childhood, everyone did something stupid, said them does not affect your brilliant image, but also let a person feel you kind and lovely.If you're dating at as restaurant or bar, it's a pleasant topic to talk about your favorite delicacy. By talking about food, you get to know her tastes and find common ground. If the person is good at cooking, don't waste an opportunity to compliment them.
  • Places of interest

  • What places of interest have you been to before? It was a question she was happy to answer without any suspicion. To let her talking, you ask her to introduce the places of interest. As long as you are a loyal listener, she will quickly take a liking to you.Then, you can be more active and ask her where she still wants to go. And then tell her “I've always wanted to go there, too. Some day we go together, let us realize the dream together?” She will gladly accept your invitation. In fact, after talking about these, you also know a lot about her knowledge background, interests and hobbies.
  • Working conditions

  • If you've been working for a while after college, it's a good dating topic to talk about. However, you need to take control and don't let her ramble on about trivial matters in her life. The more she talks, the less happy she will be and the more impatient you will be. It doesn't matter, you can at least know her future is a workaholic, or a good housewife.
  • Send invitations

  • If you are having a great first date chat, your eyes light up when she looks at you, and you get closer and closer together, you're going to have a great time going forward. You can talk to her about your future relationship and casually ask her out on another date. But you can rest assured that if she is happy, she will be happy to be with you and won't turn you down easily.
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