The ultimate dating secret, did you get it ?


Plain dating and romantic dating

Today we're going to talk about dating. In my past dating experiences, there have been few romantic moments that stand out from the rest. Those moments include: Sitting inside the ferries wheel and kissing my girlfriend in front of the stars. My girlfriend and I date every day, more is: eat beef noodles together. Perhaps people will feel this kind of dating way special insipid, but the life itself is insipid. In insipid accumulated feelings, more will be transformed into love.

Purpose of dating

Many men have experienced this feeling before: if the woman you like is willing to go out with you, you will be happy and excited if you do nothing. You will forget time and are totally immersed in each other's happiness. That's the nature of dating. The question the dating response is: why do we meet? Instead of answering: What can we do When do we meet? When we study dating, we don't study schedules for an afternoon or an evening. We should research how to let the other person have the same experience of being happy just to be with you and not doing anything.

Our happiness

My girlfriend and I eat a simple beef noodles, we can also experience a full sense of happiness. After having beef noodles with her in the restaurant at noon today, I looked out of the window. I didn't know what else to do after lunch. But in the heartI also felt inexplicably happy. My girl friend suddenly say: we go to the seaside to blow a sea breeze! I reply to her: Just what the doctor ordered.

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