Millionaire London Dating Guide


Millionaire's Activities In Mayfair

Mayfair is part of Westminster, west to Hyde Park, north to Oxford Street, south to Piccadilly and Green Park, and east to Regent Street. There are 6 subway stations (Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly Circus and Marble Arch) and 5 metro lines (Central, Piccadilly, Victoria, Bakerloo and Jubilee). There are 29 Michelin-starred restaurants and 44 five-star hotels in this place, with a density more than three times that of other London residential areas. If you and your partner choose to play in this area, there are still many good projects to choose from. Listed as: private clubs, embassies, royal residences, art galleries. Many designer brands and high-end boutiques crowd into the upscale shopping streets here.RA--Royal Academy of Art Founded in 1768, the Royal Academy of Art has nurtured a great collection of masters of painting, sculpture and architecture! In this place, there are often organizers to hold a variety of art exhibitions, all-inclusive, and all styles and types will be exhibited. If you are tired with your partner, go to the elegant afternoon tea! Mayfair's well-known Ritz and Fortnum & Mason are both in Mayfair! The best 10 afternoon tea restaurants in London, 7 of which are in Mayfair!

Millionaire's Museum Sightseeing

The Natural History Museum is located in South Kensington, in the south-west of central London, next to Hyde Park. From the appearance, the gorgeous Victorian style and the atmospheric structure make the museum in no way inferior to other buildings in London. The decoration and layout of the museum are extremely intimate. A large number of animal and plant-shaped carvings can be seen everywhere, and the grand dome symbolizes the all-encompassing nature. The total floor area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters makes this museum the largest natural history museum in Europe. However, the most attention of this museum is the quantity and quality of the collection. At present, the museum has released a collection of 80 million pieces, including specimens of various animals and plants and fossil minerals, and the number is increasing at an annual rate of 50,000+.

Visit considerations

1. There are many people going to the museum, especially on weekends, it is recommended to go early in the morning.

2. There are many other museums and famous universities around, which can be visited together.

3. It is best to choose shoes that are suitable for walking. It is recommended not to pick some high-heeled shoes that are too difficult to control, so as not to hurt your feet.

4. There is a small department selling drinks and food inside the museum, which can supplement the energy of adults and children.

5. If you really want to visit a certain exhibition area or theme, please log in to the official website before departure, check the information, and make sure that the area is open for visits to avoid closing some exhibition areas due to renovation or adjustment.

Millionaire's Concert Hall Itinerary

The Royal Albert Hall is located in the heart of London, opposite Hyde Park and is one of the most famous concert halls in the UK and around the world. The Happy Concert is held in the eight weeks of the summer. Tickets for each concert can only be purchased on the day of the concert. After the music begins, everyone can walk around at will, unlike the classical music, wearing a tuxedo, is sitting in danger. Many people are dressed casually, some are still drinking drinks, eating snacks, just like watching a game, it is really a little more happy, so it is named "Happy Concert."

Millionaire's Food Tour In London

Hot Pot

The old name of South London, the self-service shop that foreigners love to go, was originally a price advantage that was too obvious. Although it has recently risen to 15 pounds, it is still much cheaper than other homes. This house is not a Chongqing hot pot. The broth is very regular. The white sway is about the concentrated chicken soup. But the taste is not greasy, but the red oil soup is only spicy, but it can also be added according to personal preference. The sugary sesame sauce is sweet and spicy. It is recommended that the tomato pot, a bit sour and sweet in the inside, is a feature.

Spanish Cuisine

La Tasca The overall decoration style of this Spanish restaurant is very uniform, belonging to the art school, unique. The price of the side dish is not cheap, and the serving size is very small. Except for the PAN DE AJO CON QUESO, others are not recommended. The main dish is the main PALENA VALENCIANA - a fusion of chicken and various seafood and delicious saffron.

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