Dining etiquette for men on date

  • Elites are a group of highly successful people. There are a lot of etiquettes to be aware of dating with the elite singles. If your next dating is an elite woman, you need to pay attention to the following
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  • Before eating, the man can signal the lady to eat first, then he picks up the tableware and start eating. If it is Chinese food, just take a small bite every time; if it is a Western food, use a knife and fork to cut the food into small pieces and put it in your mouth. If you are going to eat a buffet, remember that the plate should not be placed too full, and a small amount is more appropriate.Don't be rude sitting when you eat, remember to keep your back straight and keep your body and table at a distance of two punches. Try not to make a collision when you eat. If you want to eat a dish far from you, please ask the other person for help. Don't stand up and take it. Try not to make a sound when eating and drinking soup. When the soup is too hot, wait for it to cool before you drink it. Don't talk while you drink. For food with bones, use the tableware to separate the edible portion and eat it. Do not lift the bones with your hands. When you eat fishbone, small bones, etc., don't spit it outside, don't throw it on the ground. You can put the paper towel on your mouth and pick it up in the bone plate. A bunch of bones on the table are not very elegant. It is recommended to be cautious when choosing complex foods when ordering. When you are squatted by food, don't cough at the table and food. If you are uncomfortable, go to the lounge to solve it. If there is an involuntary sound such as snoring, bowel sounds, etc., say "sorry" to apologize.
  • Cloth dish

  • There is no big problem with the Western food distribution system. Just pay attention to the food on your plate and don't share it with the other person during the meal. If you want to share each other's food, ask the service staff to do this in advance. When eating Chinese food, some men like to help women to express their love. In doing so, you need to pay attention to some details: First, ask the other person's opinions"This soup is good, I will help you to have a bowl." "After getting permission from the other party, serve the other party." If you want to give the other party a dish, remember to use the public chopsticks. It is very impolite to put the food in the bowl with the chopsticks you are using. The best way is to ask the lady eat first whenever a new dish is served to show her attention and care. A dish that is specially designed for the other party or a dish that has a special recommendation can be said "This is the dish I ordered for you. Please eat more."
  • communication

  • Take time to communicate when you eat. Remember that you are dating. You can talk about each other's current situation, hobbies, books and movies that you like to watch, and so on. Don't just eat your head down, don't gorge yourself, and pay attention to drinking alcohol, just touch it when you hit the cup. When you have food in your mouth, please don't talk until you chew it. Don't wave your cutlery.
  • Bill

  • Elegant people checkout is quiet, they no need to shout out the waiter, in the gestures, the waiter will send the bill to the checkout. The elegant restaurant and the waiter are also well-trained and will whisper tell you how much the money will not be shouted out loud. Or use a special checkout wallet to hold the bills you gave, the cash or credit card you gave, the change you will find, and avoid seeing the guests.
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