During The COVID-19 Period, How To Share Weal And Woe With Your Rich Lover?

This is not a one-on-one battle. In the face of this epidemic, We are live with you. MillionaireMatch once again call on everyone to take care of your physical and mental health. Please pay attention to rest and diet. If you feel that you have been affected by too much negative information, draw your attention appropriately and focus on your life and feelings to avoid being overwhelmed by negative emotions and showing psychological stress.

At the same time, MillionaireMatch encourage rich lover to talk and listen to each other, to talk out the complex emotions you feel, and to listen to others actively and without judgment. This is the important support you can provide to your rich lover. Below we give some practical suggestions on how to "effectively talk" and "listen without judgment". I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Everyone is welcome to forward it to more people in need.

During The COVID-19 Period, Face Your Rich Lover And Be A Good Confidant.

Part of the talk is often that we want to pour out some of the difficult feelings of confusion so that they no longer disturb ourselves; the other is that we want to get the understanding and comfort from the person who talked, so that we are less isolated and helpless. In the process of talking with your rich lover, our intricate feelings can be said. This allows us to see ourselves more clearly and deeply, and it allows millionaire lover to better understand us, thus giving us the support we really need. However, sometimes it is difficult to talk. When things, thoughts, and emotions are cluttered in our minds, we often have a feeling of inexperienced speech, and this feeling further brings us internal frustration and helplessness. When you find it difficult to say something to your millionaire lover, here are some ways to try:

I am experiencing *** (these elements are generally involved: time / place / relevant people / what happened / affects me). I think *** (this thing is terrible / incredible / unbelievable / ...) I feel *** (Sad / Angry / Worried / Helpless / Tense / ...) I hope you can *** (understand and recognize my thoughts and feelings / quietly stay with me for a while / hug me / comfort me / encourage me / ...)

During The COVID-19 Period, Face Your Rich Lover And Be A Good Listener.

The listener needs to maintain a supportive, inclusive, and non-judgmental attitude. In fact, this is also an important working principle in psychological counseling. Listening is essentially creating a safe space for the talker, so that he can talk about events and feelings that are difficult to express and name in the real world. In this process, the listener needs to "zero" their feelings and thoughts, like a container, subtracting some of the self, in order to accommodate the information from the talker, and to listen to the listener in a "sympathetic" state To the content.

However, as listeners, we also need to understand our limitations and avoid being trapped in the obsession that "I must help my rich lover." This covid-19 epidemic is extremely grim. Most of the time, we cannot really solve the real dilemma of millionaire lover. To a certain extent, we are powerless. But we don't need to feel guilty / depressed because of our helplessness, it is not our fault that the other party has to face these difficulties, and these difficulties are not resolved temporarily. In the face of such a dilemma, listening, accompanying, and supporting have their own meaning.

Most of the time, stay unjudgmented. "Non-judging" is not the same as "no-judging", it refers to a state of observing the bias and likes in the mind from time to time. Evaluation and judgment are inevitable. We have been receiving voices from the outside world since we were young. These are sources of growth and help us gradually form our own "bias". "Prejudice" is not a derogatory term here. It is a way of knowing the world and a set of conventional methodologies for dealing with problems. It can help us to make judgments and respond quickly. But if we can think with breaking the "prejudice", we will be more likely to realize our limitations and blind spots, improve the accuracy of seeing others, and find wisdom freely. Under the influence of this state of mind, people will gradually become clear and gentle. He will understand that the things in front of him should not be judged solely based on past experience and cognition, nor should he simply decide based on his own likes and dislikes.

When you feel that the millionaire lover around you need your support or they send a clear call for help, you can say / do this:

Do you want to tell me how you feel now? Maybe it will be better to say it, I hope I can share some pain for you. Maybe you would like to try to express your current mood / state? How do you want me to respond to you? Is it quietly listening to you? Or cry and laugh with you? I am willing to accompany you. I feel that your current feeling is ..., I don't know if I understand? Give a silent hug to the person in need (if you are by his side). Try to help the millionaire lovers around you to maintain a regular and stable schedule, regular quantitative diet, and create a certain sense of life order.

Sometimes, because your emotions are too turbulent, or something heavy is suppressed too deeply, your millionaire lover may find it difficult to express their feelings in words. At this point, you can say:

If you want to say something, I'm here ~ If you want me to say more, you can also tell me. Do you want to talk about your feelings again? Or if you want to calm down and calm down first, you can say nothing, I'll be here with you for a while. If at any time you want to say something, maybe just vent it. I've been here, I'm listening. Is there something I said earlier that made you feel uncomfortable, and if so, I'm sorry. Maybe you can tell me what kind of response you expect, and I will try to adjust. If you want to be alone, I leave space for you. But you know I've been there, you can always tell me when you need it.

If you find that it is difficult for you to use these techniques flexibly and in a timely manner according to the situation, nothing is too much. Helping your rich lover is sometimes a professional matter. There is no need to demand too much that you can save others or bring about great changes for others. Any minor comfort, even an attempt to provide support and comfort, is equally precious.

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